The Padmabhushan awardees The Dhananjayans (Shanta & Dhananjayan) are international celebrities with almost six decades in the field of performing arts of Bhaarat.  Their academy, Bharatakalanjali in Adyar, Chennai is a standing testimony to the art & culture of Bhaaratam. With innumerable performances to their credit, covering a global spectrum, this made for each other couple is a beacon light icon to generations to come. Immaculate communicators through their exemplary performances all over the world, they bring credit to the Nation by propagation and preservation of the art & culture of Bhaarat.

Bharatakalanjali is going to hit its Golden jubilee shortly with hundreds of their alumni spread globally. 

Tulsi Badrinath's new book on guru Dhananjayan, "Master of Arts - A life in dance".  The book was released by Chief Guest Shri Muthusamy Varadarajan (Former secretary, Culture, Govt. of India) and the first copy was received by Pt.Birju Maharaj (Kathak maestro).
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The book reveals the difficulties faced by a male dancer in establishing himself. While telling the most romantic love story of how Dhananjayan met his wife Shanta, it considers whether his success depended on his being one half of a dancing couple. Tracing the central story of Dhananjayan as a brilliant performer and guru, his collaboration with Pandit Ravi Shankar, his meeting the Beatles George Harrison among other eminent people, it also narrates the stories of many other male dancers.

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Somu Sundar Reddy, Head Sales, Hachette
New Delhi, India

Book Launch

All students of The Dhananjayans & Bharatakalanjali alumni
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