Nrithyakalakeli International Classical Dance Festival, Dubai

Venue : New World Private School Auditorium, Dubai .
Date : 16th and 17th November 2018
Organiser :  Naadam ( Nrithyakalasurabhi Artistic Association for Dance Arts and Music ) founded by Shri Joy Krishnan and Smt. Vineeta Srinandan.
Host : Kalalaya learning Center for Music and Dance .
Event management by Eventides
Media Publicity : Kerala Vision Television Channel.

Aim of the festival:  India is a land rich in culture and heritage ranging from different states , different languages , different religions and different social and economical backgrounds .  This makes Indian art forms most unique and yet so versatile. India wears the golden crown of Ancient  Culture and Indian Classical Dances are jewels embedded in that crown . Indians by virtue of their knowledge and culture have made many foreign lands their home . Indians have merged into the new land without forgetting their roots. To convey a message of world unity through Indian classical dance , “Naadam “organised the Nrithyakalakeli festival in Dubai . The event was hosted by Kalalaya learning Center Music and dance and the event was managed by Eventides .

Review of the event : This festival presented a range of pure and traditional forms of Indian Classical dances . It included Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Keralanadanam, Kathak , Kuchipudi and many such forms . The richness of each of these forms threw light on the culture of the state from where it originated.  The artist were chosen by Naadam based on their talent and experience . This international platform was provided to approximately 50 artists . They presented their classical dance in the most traditional way adding splendour to the grand event.The chief guests for the event were Padmabhooshan V.P Dhananjayan and Padmabhooshan Smt. Shanta Dhananjayan from Chennai, India .  The other chief guest for the event is famous Malayalam Actor and Member of Parliament , Shri Suresh Gopi from Kerala , India.  The Dhanajayans were honoured with the award ‘NATANA KULAPATHI’. The star performance of the event was Kuchipudi performance by film and Television actress and Rachna Narayanankutty.  The event displayed a range of dances by talented artists from across India and hence will be a visual treat for the audience .

The duet performance depicting Ramayana in two different classical styles, namely Mohiniyattam by Vineeta Srinandan and Keralanadanam by Joy Krishnan was unique in its own way . The short and soothing speech by the legendary Guru , Shri V. P Dhananjayan was inspiring to all artists.