"I did not record many of my earlier productions. Only recently I have started recording for our archives. Those days I did not have finance, not even to take photographs. The only pictures of our programs taken were by the students or their relatives. We did not have any photographs even for promotional purposes. We have lost a lot of information because of that." 
- Dhananjayan

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Exquisite Expressions - V P Dhananjayan

Exquisite Expressions - Shanta Dhananjayan

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NATANA PRAKAASAM title from Naadhabrahmam to the Dhananjayans for their contribution to art for over 60 years and to mark 40 years of their dance institution Bharatakalaanjali

Farewell program - Oct, 2008 by IFA, USA

VIPs   1    ;    2

Wandering Artist - Season 1 - session 3 - 11th March 2017

Tribute to Lalgudi Jayaraman at Music Academy, Chennai (Oct 2007)

JYOTHIRGAMAYA - 10th anniversary of Naatyakalari

Dhananjayans with other dancers

Shanta Dhananjayan's 60th Birthday celebrations

The Natya Adhyayana Gurukulam 2013 - 2nd camp

Silver jubilee of the Natya Adhyayana Gurukulam 2013

Yogaville Naatya Adhyayana Gurukulam Gurupoornima celebration 2013

Yogaville Camp 2011

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Yogaville Camp 2004

Yogaville Camps


Agni Sambhuta (Student Production)

Aikya Bhaaratham


Chakra (Collaboration)



Ekaantha Seetha... a lonely furrow (Collaboration)

Ghanashyam (Collaboration)

Jungle Book (1995 - 97) (Collaboration)

Jungle Book - Adventures of Mowgli (1984) (Collaboration)



Mahaabhaaratam (Collaboration)

Mouna Kural (Student Production)

Nandanaar Charitam

Nandanaar Charitam (Group Production)

Nava Rasa

Nritya Tarangini


Raadha Maadhavam

Raama Naatakam

Raama Naatakam - (ICCR program at Kamani auditorium)


Sangeeta Maaruti

Satyam Sivam Sundaram (Collaboration)

Sita Swayamvaram /Tulsidas Raamaayanam

Siva Sakthi Vel

Sri Krishna Jananam

Sri Valli (choreographed for Daya Tomiko, Japan)


Tasherdesh (Student Production)

Thiruk-Kural Bharatam (choreographed  for Kavitha, Meera, Anjana)

Thyaagaraaja Vaibhavam

Valli Thirumanam

Vinaayaka Varnam

Creative Connections (USA); International Young performers tour 2007