Kaadal Valli Kanda Murugan (Tamizh) (2016)

"Kaadhal Valli Kanda Murugan" narrates the much-celebrated Tamizh love story of Valli, a tribal chieftainís daughter. Her undying love for Lord Muruga is told with all its colour and humour. Chithrangi, Valli's best friend, describes the beauty of Valli while also iterating her heartfelt devotion to Lord Muruga. Staying in a secluded and guarded area of the forest, Valli and her friends spend their carefree time playing. In the middle of their ball game, Valli is suddenly struck with a flash of divine light and the image of Muruga burns through the light. An overwhelmed Valli narrates the history of her compelling love for her lord to Chithrangi. To distract Valli from her pining, her friends take her to Thinaipunam (maize fields) to drive the parrots away. Eventually, they give up their attempts, as Valli is unable to forget Muruga.

Sage Narada visits them and learns of Valliís love for Muruga. He conveys this to Muruga who promises to go  in the guise of a hunter to claim Valli as his.Muruga, as the hunter, slyly enters Thinaipunam chasing two deers which seek shelter with Valli. Seeing Valli, the hunter turns his attentions to her and Chithrangi tries to defend her friend from him. Fortunately for them, Valli's father visits at that moment and the hunter turns into a tree which then disappears. Valli realises that the hunter may have been her lord and is distraught, until she dreams of an encounter with him and rejoices in the hope that the dream was a sign of his coming.In his second attempt to claim Valli, Lord Muruga takes the guise of an old, withered man and comes to  begging for food and water. After getting Valli alone, the old man makes advances, asking her to marry him. Valli gets annoyed and blatantly refuses his outrageous offer.Knowing Valliís fear of elephants, Muruga seeks Lord Ganesha's aid and an elephant enters the fray. The old man promises to protect the terrified Valli from the elephant if she agrees to marry him. Alone and out of options, Valli surrenders to the old man and Muruga reveals himself. Valli and Muruga's union is celebrated with grandeur as the celestial nymphs dance.

Music: Turaiyoor Rajagopala Sharma & Madurai Sethuraman

Nattuvangam -
Shanta Dhananjayan
Female Vocal - Radha Badri
Male Vocal - Rajesh. M.K
Male Vocal - Shalin Nair
Violin - T.K. Padmanabhan
Mridangam - Nellai D Kannan
Veena - Jayalakshmi Sekhar
Flute - Sujith Naik
Ganjeera - Rijesh
Tambura - Lakshminarayanan
Tambura - Durga

Valli : Vidya Dinakaran
Chitrangi - Sadhashi Baskar
Muruga - K. Sarveshan
Vedan (Hunter) - Sivadas
Old Man - C.P.Satyajit
Narada - Uttiya Barua
Korathi - Sukanya Panneerselvam
Korathi - Meenakshi
Korathi - Amirdavarshini. S
Korathi - Reshmi Rema
Korathi - Muktha Jayashree M.D
Korathi - Iris
Apsaras - Divya Shree J
Apsaras - Sushmita Rajtilak
Apsaras - Aparna Varma. E.K
Apsaras - Shreemati. S
Apsaras - Varshah Subramaniam
Apsaras - Apoorva. M
Nambi Rajan - Vijay Vishwanath
Deer - Bhavesh
Deer - Shreya Bhusal
Guards - Senthamizh Kadhalan
Guards - Sahaj Sangal

Props / Backstage : Akhila, Vishakha
Costumes : Shanta Dhananjayan
Make-up : Sethumadhavan
Lights : Shri. K. Murugan
Sound & Stage : Kalakshetra
Pencil Sketch : Bharath K Balaji

Training :
Anusha Natarajan
K. Sarveshan

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