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Srilanka Tour, Turkey trip 2017

Keynote address by Naatyaacharya V.P.Dhananjayan  on 7th October 2017


ECDPA Durga Puja and Sharod Utsav 2017
While in the US to address the 7th World Hindu Day in New Jessey, the Dhananjayans were invited to inaugurate the Bengali Association's DURGA POOJA conducted in Queens AsiaTV channel hall. Pleased to shared those happy event on 6th October 2017.
The dynamic lady (in red sari) Smt. Rajya Laxmi is an inspiration to Bhaarateeyas to conduct our Hindu festivals and other Poojas.

A magical evening
- Dr.Sunil Kothari,, 26 Sep 2017
The abhinaya by Dhananjayan was so unalloyed, refreshing, endearing that it resulted into rasanubhuti, aesthetic delight.....
When in the end for Mangalam both performed together offering the idol, garland and folded hands to audience, the audience gave them standing ovation for a long time. Indeed, it was a moving recital by both of them.....

- Arjun Narayanan, The Times of India (Chennai), 9 Sep  2017
The home of Bharatanatyam legends Dhananjayans is a unique blend of art and aesthetics

Dhananjayans featured in the first edition of ‘Conversations’ of

Vodafone Ad Couple’s Relationship Advice
- KS Rajasekar,, June 2017

"It's always crucial to get the right cast": Prakash Varma on shooting with the Dhananjayans
- Suraj Ramnath , afaqs, May 16, 2017
Last week, when we decided to interview Shanta and V.P. Dhananjayan - the lead pair in Vodafone's latest campaign - they were 'that cute couple'. But now, just a few days after our story was published, they've transformed into 'Dhananjayans, the actors', buzziest faces of Indian ad-land, who've been interviewed across most leading papers of the country. Our interview with Vodafone's 'Asha' and 'Bala' has fetched around 23,000 shares in less than five days and continues to gather digital moss.

Meet The Dhananjayans: Opening Minds & Winning Hearts
- Reshmi Chakraborty,  Silver Talkies, May 29, 2017

Lead me from drakness to light...

- Verushka Pather, The bugle, 19 May 2017

Tale of aged couple growing young together
- Nishadh Mohamme, May 14,2017,

The incredible adventures of the Dhananjayans
- Lavanya Narayanan, The Hindu, May 12, 2017

Meet Padma Bhushan awardees turned Vodafone actors: Shanta and Dhananjayan
- Suraj Ramnath , afaqs, May 11, 2017
These Bharatnatyam dancers have become the new faces of Vodafone

MakeTheMostOfNow - Together!
Loving and relating, in the present continuous, are what make Life beautiful!
- AVIS Viswanathan

Those were the days!
-, 10 April 2017
Natyarangam presented an interesting discussion peppered with impromptu demos on OUR KALAKSHETRA DAYS by three stalwart dancers-gurus at Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall, Chennai, on March 19, 2017. It was a lively discussion with the stalwarts sharing experiences of their golden days in Kalakshetra when it was in Adyar. The moderator was S. Janaki of Sruti magazine.

Wandering Artist - Season 1 - session 3 - 11th March 2017 -  View photos
Dancer couple share memories of 65 year partnership
- Times of India, 12 Mar 2017

The Yin and Yang of Dance
Celebrities on Relationships
- Meera S

KEA FESTIVAL BENGALURU - CONNOISSEURS’ COMMENT,  (Program on 26th February 2017- Prabhath Rangamandira)
Here, everybody is still in the “Nasha” of your program :)
All the young dancers and the rasikas are talking about the program with sheer enchanted bhaava.
We have no words to describe, as it was one of the finest experiences of our lives.
Every imagery, every emotion, every detail in communication is so well etched in our minds.
Some even said that this is EXACTLY how Dasharatha must have felt. This is how Manthara must have spoken.
They were amazed how Akka kept her back in that position for that long a time, what a GREAT ARTIST! 
Your moving backward with sliding feet & clenching fist was LOVED by all. What to say of the emotions….GOD !!!
As Rasikas, we all openly declare OUR LOVE for your art.
You have all immortalised the episode !!!

Recital revisits popular love story of Valli and Murugan

KRA Narasiah in Tracking Indian Communities, Dravidian, Roots & Wings, TOI, February 13, 2017

Audience reaction to KAADAL VALLI KANDA MURUGAN at NARADA GANA SABHA on February 10, 2017
- " We enjoyed every minute of the 90 minutes drama.It was crisp and professional. Nothing overdone, nor under worked. Thooran's narrative was sincerely followed. The girl who donned the role of Valli(Sukanya) dis her part exceedingly well, thanks to your and your goodwife's guidance. It was as a whole, thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thanks again. Kindly convey my blessings to the youngsters and regards to your good wife and son, who managed it so well.
Warmest regards

Virasat award presented to Dr.VP Dhananjayan
- Pillar Times, Jan 29-Feb4, 2017
Same article was also featured in  Arcot Road Talk, Jan 29-Feb4, 2017  ;  T Nagar Times, Jan 29-Feb4, 2017  ;  Chrompet Times, Jan 29-Feb4, 2017

The happiness road: “With acceptance there is only happiness”
- Avis Viswanathan,, 8 Jan 2017
There’s a glint in the eyes of the Dhananjayan couple that you can’t miss. Perhaps, it reflects their state of inner joy. Almost as if he is reading my mind, Dhananjayan says, “Happiness is just being. It is about being content with what you are doing, with how you are living,” adds his wife Shanta.