SRI VALLI / Kaathal Valli Kanda Murugan (Tamizh) (1975)

"Slick and sophisticated dance drama...with the dance drama elements well balanced...Shanta Dhananjayan was splendid and stole the show as Muruga in the disguise of an old man..."
- The Hindu, Madras

"...have preserved the tradition of the great institution which trained them...choreography by Dhananjayan and Shanta was imaginative and the spell of pure dance was thrilling...the abhinaya was natural and the hasta mudras clean...this dance drama is a good contribution to the existing Tamil dance dramas..."
- Madras Mail

"Dhananjayan who danced the role of Muruga stole the show with his telling spells of dance, particularly the hunter..."
- T S Parthasarathy, ICCR Cultural News

"Excellent recital...the characteristic Kalakshetra stamp was evident in their clean execution of lines and strong footwork. Flawless and dignified, their approach appeared a judicious balance between traditional dancing and innovations..."
- Sunil Kothari, Evening News, Bombay

"Cohesive and captivating ballet…among the highlights of this music and dance festival..."
- NMN, The Hindu, Feb 12, 1982

"Dhananjayan, who danced the role of Muruga, stole the show with his telling spells of dance particularly as the hunter. Shanta was excellent in the guise of the old man adopted by Muruga"
- T S Parthasarathy, Cultural News From India, July ‘76

"Slick dance drama."
- The Hindu, March 5, 1976

"As a pure dance drama that retains its sanctity, dispenses with vulgarity and is a good evening's entertainment, this brisk paced dance drama should be performed not only in auditoriums, but also in temple festivals."
- Tamizh Murasu Jan 18, 1976

" Dhananjayan's portrayal of the hunter and Muruga was stupendous…"
- Thennagam, Jan 7, 1976

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